Unable to take any offer

I’ve used Bisq many times.

Today, while it started as normal, it refused to let me take any offer to buy Bitcoin and said something about the DAO state. After restarting it a few times, every time getting the same nonsense, I went through the steps to clear the DAO state and also the Tor cache/files, from within the application. Since then, I’ve restarted Bisq multiple times more.

Now it finally shows a green “dot” and claims that my connection is working properly. (I’ve been able to use Bisq many times in the past even when it was orange.)

But STILL, when I try to take any offer to buy Bitcoin, it just claims some nonsense about the user having gone offline or the connection was lost or something. But then displays the same offer in the list (after updating/restarting). So clearly it’s lying.

What is happening? Why does every attempt to take any offer just result in nonsensical, seemingly randomly dispensed errors?

Just before posting this question, I tried to take an offer again. Now it’s back to claiming that the DAO state is “not synced”. Sigh…

It does say “v1.9.14 / Synchronizing DAO” in the middle part of the bottom of the Bisq window, but clicking on it does nothing. No indication as to how long is left or how far it’s gotten. Also, if a synced “DAO” is a requirement for taking an offer, why does it let you attempt to do it at all?

Only by having long experience in using Bisq (often with similar, temporary, problems) do I keep trying and asking here. If I were a first-time user, I would’ve given up and assumed that the program is just broken. I realize that it’s a very complicated thing to make and maintain, but still, the many weird errors really makes the user experience bad. I don’t understand why it has to be like this, or what exactly has changed once it magically starts working again.


Still just says "Synchronizing DAO”, 7 hours later… What is going on? How long is this going to take? Is it even doing anything? I’m losing the opportunity to buy Bitcoin at the price I expected because this is taking forever. I don’t even know what the problem is.

status of dao sync can be seen from progress bar at bottom of DAO > BSQ wallet > Transactions, and yes, synced DAO is needed for a trade to start, because both peers needs to agree about the delayed payout transaction

Well, that extremely useful visual indicator/information should be in the centre-bottom "Synchronizing DAO” thing, or at least clicking that text should bring you to it.

When I read your reply and navigated to it in Bisq, it was only seconds away from being fully synced. So now it is. And now I was able to take an offer.