Unconfirmed transaction since 28 april


It is normal that I have a Unconfirmed transaction since the 28 april?

I’m starting to get a little worried.


At 5.02 sat/vb mining fee yes, that’s too cheap for how full mempools have been this days.
If you’re not in a hurry don’t worry, it will be confirmed eventually, or you’ll be able to broadcast it again eventually, if nodes remove the tx from their mempools.

How do you re-broadcast? My transaction disapeared in all the mempool chaos with only a 50 sat/v fee rate. The transaction doesn’t exist anymore and the funds don’t show up in my BISQ funds

in this case, SPV resync is also a possiblity, the deposit will be known to bisq as never happened, and your funds will be back into your wallet

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I try to re-synchronize, but no way, the transaction is still there incomplie.
I try to make a new transaction to the same wallet with a higher rate, this one completes, but the other one is still there.

so, to confirm, you could successfully CPFP the utxo, but the parent is still showing as pending in your bisq wallet?

Hello, i have a similiar case, i withdraw funds from bisq this monday with 10 sat / vb , which was recommended fees by mempool, till now the tx is not even in any mempool, i get this message

thats definitly not normal, is it possible the tx is lost anyway??

should i do a SPV resync for getting the funds??

thx for any help

funds were not sent as transaction didn’t go to mempool, it’s possible funds were never there in the first place and maybe that’s why transaction wasn’t broadcasted… SPV resync is advised, maybe more than one, you could see you had no funds to send out in the first place

alright thanks, resyncing is in progress… oh and there are definitly more than enough funds in the wallet for the withdraw i made, thats very strange, but i hope the sats are back after resync

ok after a resync i know why the tx has failed, because i withdraw funds from a trade , which delayed payout transaction can not be found in mempool?? the trade is from April and i dont recognized it, till now when i want withdraw it, also the funds from this trade are missed in wallet after the resync, what can i do now?? who can help me with a missing payout tx from a trade from April??

thx for any help

delayed payout transaction will not go to mempool if everything went fine, that’s for arbitration only.
Check if the deposit tx address has paid out (0 balance) on mempool.space

yeah, sry i mean the final payout tx is missing, i checked the deposit address and it is not empty, it contains the trade amount and both security funds, so it seems anything is going wrong on that trade

ok I am confused now because you said before that this transaction “cannot be found in mempool”, now you say that it is there and deposit address still contains funds.
In this case, you both need to sign the payout tx, in case the payment was complete… I suggest you go to bisq.chat in support room, where assistance can be given faster usually, and DMs with support agents are possible so you can communicate the transactions ids

the tx which could not be found on mempool, was the withdraw i wanted to make. for the withdraw i selected the utxo from this trade with the missing payout tx, only when i doing the rescan i recognized that the utxo which i wanted to withdraw doesnt exist anymore, so however i wrote the support in github and they will look at it, thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: