Unconfirmed transaction since 28 april


It is normal that I have a Unconfirmed transaction since the 28 april?

I’m starting to get a little worried.


At 5.02 sat/vb mining fee yes, that’s too cheap for how full mempools have been this days.
If you’re not in a hurry don’t worry, it will be confirmed eventually, or you’ll be able to broadcast it again eventually, if nodes remove the tx from their mempools.

How do you re-broadcast? My transaction disapeared in all the mempool chaos with only a 50 sat/v fee rate. The transaction doesn’t exist anymore and the funds don’t show up in my BISQ funds

in this case, SPV resync is also a possiblity, the deposit will be known to bisq as never happened, and your funds will be back into your wallet

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I try to re-synchronize, but no way, the transaction is still there incomplie.
I try to make a new transaction to the same wallet with a higher rate, this one completes, but the other one is still there.

so, to confirm, you could successfully CPFP the utxo, but the parent is still showing as pending in your bisq wallet?