Used Receiving Address from Sparrow after importing my Xpub, how to rectify? fund not showing up

hi i think i might have done something wrong,

i imported the xpub under Account > Wallet Info to Sparrow, then i chose one of the receiving addresses in the list in Sparrow and sent some sats from another wallet to this address, the transaction is confirmed but the BTC is still not showing in Wallet balances under Bisq…,did i do anything wrong? is there anyway i can obtain the BTC? i supposed receiving address generated from my xpub shall refer to the same wallet under my account?

TIA for any advice.

Hi not sure why you chose to import an xpub to get an address for your Bisq client? Would it not have been easier just to get an unused address from your Bisq app from Funds - Receive funds?

I would try and do an SPV resync of your Bisq client Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

Assuming the address you sent the bitcoin too is controlled by your Bisq client then the transaction should appear following an SPV resync.


My bad as i was new to this and was testing out Sparrow these few days with other wallets so I was thinking if i could consolidate the management of everything in one App and that’s why I went through that route and picked the address. Agree it would have been easier just to get the address from Bisq…I did the SPV resynch of Bisq client but still no luck seeing those sats i sent to the address. I can see the coins via the xpub address but its not showing up in Bisq account. I wonder how to contact anyone in Bisq to resolve this issue. (Assuming Bisq client shall have accesss to the addresses connected to my xpub address technically?)

Unless you did like explained here
then you created a watch only wallet which is not the one controlled by bisq.

As I believe it was explained on Telegram, import the bisq seed in sparrow using default derivation path and then send funds from there to a real bisq receive address

It was what I did, import the xpub of Bisq wallet to Sparrow, then I chose one of those Receive address showing up in Sparrow to send my sats yesterday.

Then I redo the steps in the link Import Bisq wallet as watch only wallet in Sparrow - Bisq Wiki and created another wallet, i can see the sats too but when i try to send these sats back to bisq controlled address, it was prompted to sign the transaction then the Hardware wallet wiindow popped up with a “Scan” button…

okay, let me get it.
You did follow the wiki guide for sparrow watch only to the letter, and you see the funds there?
On that new watch only wallet you created, can you verify the addresses are the same to your bisq instance?
You can compare the first addresses in the sparrow watch only with the first receive addresses you see in Funds > Transactions.

Again, though, as advised above, to be able to spend funds from Sparrow you need to create a wallet using the Bisq seed, not the zpub. And make sure you set the correct derivation path.