Using Wise as a SEPA bank account to receive transfers - how to get all the details of the sender?

If anyone is using a Wise SEPA account to receive SEPA transfers - is there a way to actually see all the details of the sender? I’ve setup a new account for myself and tested it with my own other bank accounts, but on the Wise side I just cannot see all the details of the sender - only the name and transfer reference, there is no bank account number of the sender and no BIC code of the bank that sent the transfer. I see a lot of people use Wise in their offers on Bisq (for SEPA or SEPA Instant), so how do they do it without blindly accepting any trade without checking the details?

If Wise doesn’t show these details and there is no way to get them, then this is like a perfect way for anyone to get their SEPA (or SEPA instant) account with completely bogus data signed and avoid any verification apart from account owner name.

If this is not possible, shouldn’t Wise be banned for SEPA accounts just as Revolut? Because for many years I had no issue with Revolut’s SEPA transfers and I see all the details I need, while it cannot be used in Bisq /;