What happens if a false bank account has been supplied?

A user had taken an offer I made to buy BTC. The BTC offer I made was well below the day spot price, it was an offer I had for quite some time, over 200+ days. When I typed in the bank account details to transfer fiat, my bank said the account did not exist? I have reached out to the seller and asked them to resupply correct details. In the case that the account details are not real, perhaps as the got cold feet (the account of the seller was created 3o days ago, perhaps inexperienced), do I loose my fee? What is the best way to raise an issue if indeed, because the sellers details are wrong and their is no response or correction, and I am penalised, what is the best way to proceed?

Hi the user is responsible for supplying the correct details at the time of trade.

If they supply the wrong bank payment info you should open mediation.

Then a mediator can help you resolve this.


To open mediation select the trade and you should see an open to start mediation once the trade window has closed.

Dara, thanks for the help. The user supplied me a different bank account and I settled which after reading, is not a good practice. I have a few hours before the trade window closes, but I think if they do not settle there is not much I can do. Suppose I learned my lesson even though I have been on bisq for 1.5years

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they paid up. the transaction was very strange, they took up an offer that was 50% below market price. Too good to be true and my instinct said it was not right. I have learned my lesson. It is an interesting situation because when you think about it, greed can blind you for thinking straight.

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