Where are the Memos stored? Can I edit or delete them?

I’ve made some trades on Bisq, then sent some BTC to a hard wallet, but now I think some of my “Memos” (visible in the Funds/Transactions tab) are a liability in the event my computer or Bisq wallet are compromised. They could help a hacker/thief know about my other wallets (from memos like “myself”, “electrum”, etc). I’ve been trying to locate said memos in the Bisq folder, but without success.

So I need some advice. Is it possible do edit/delete the transaction Memos? Where are they stored? What kind of restoring method could I use to get rid of the memos while having the least impact on other wallet data (like age, local reputation, etc)?

Thank you for your help!

not a dev, but, taking this with a grain of salt, I would think they are stored under the wallet folder of your data directory.

So try this, without me taking any responsibility.

  1. Make a backup
  2. Note down the seed and wallet birthday if you didn’t already
  3. Make sure you have no open offers or pending trades
  4. Close bisq
  5. Rename the wallet folder to wallet.old
  6. Star bisq, it will create a new wallet with a random seed
  7. Go to account > wallet seed > restore from seed words, and input the seed you noted down, with the birth date
  8. Bisq should start rescanning the wallet’s addresses and should buld up the past transactions without the saved memos

This was just made up by heart as I never tried it, but it makes sense to me, the baclkup you do at the start will let you fix any issue, also you could simply delete the new wallet folder and rename the old one to its proper name in case you want to undo the procedure