Whonix Dev Questions for Bisq Support

Somehow I am now the go-between between Bisq and Whonix (god help us all) and I was asked these questions, which I am not qualified to answer with certainty so I answer here:

On which IP / port is Bisq listening inside Whonix-Workstation?

Does Bisq still use the Tor control protocol to create its Onion Service?

Does Bisq require an Onion Service nowadays?

This is the relevant github topic for discussion: Onion shouldn't listen on if running on Whonix · Issue #6149 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

Also, see here: Bind/listen on to allow incoming connections by jmacxx · Pull Request #5 · bisq-network/netlayer · GitHub

I don’t think those threads are related, anyway those are discussions not answers that the Whonix devs are asking for. (Why they can’t ask for themselves is a mystery just like it is a mystery that the Bisq team on this board does not care about fixing Whonix usage.)