Why is the scamcoin "Monero" unremoveable from Bisq's list of "altcoins"?

I tried to remove “Monero” from the list of “altcoins” in my Bisq account, but it gives an error saying I can’t remove it, calling it a “main altcoin”.

I understand the purpose of BSQ, even though I don’t use it myself, but why force Monero like this? Monero is just one of the countless shitcoins which have severely held back the Bitcoin revolution, and it makes me sad that it is being promoted by so many people.

No, Bitcoin isn’t “insecure” or “bad for privacy”. It’s scary how many people seem to be in the false belief that they have to use this “Monero” coin to “be secure”, or any of the other million obvious scams which have sucked out so much resources that should and would have gone into the real thing (Bitcoin).

But regardless of what you think of it, why force it in that list? I don’t ever want to see or hear about “Monero” or any other “altcoin”.

While we’re at it, there is also no option to remove fiat-shitcoins. Bisq should support only BTC and nothing else. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Bisq allows you to SELL bitcoin… You don’t sell your bitcoin, EVER.

Sarcasm is supposed to make sense.

This forum is not the place for such content.
XMR gets the most volume on Bisq, so clearly most users want it to be part of the platform, free market will be there whether you want it or not.

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I think that you have a point in the way that users should be able to chose what currencies are displayed, but AFAIK it’s not an easy task with Bisq’s current interface.

@SomeBisqUser @oiuy1 Please keep the cordiality on your discussions, you have a week to think about it. This is the last warning.

What does that have to do with my question, though?

He was obviously a troll vandalizing my question. I don’t see how anyone could interpret it any differently.

Your question had merit up to the point where you asked how to remove XMR from your interface (which is not currently possible), while the critique on XMR as a whole goes beyond the scope of this forum.
I don’t deal in XMR as well, but the market clearly has a large demand for it, and in any case my reply was rather directed at the following spicy posts.