Why is there a .1BTC minimum?

I’m just playing around with things and I notice that if I go through trying to start a sale, I can’t enter an amount under .1BTC. Why is that? What if someone wants to sell .05BTC or less?

Also, why does it say “Create New Offer to Sell” when actually if you make a sale offer then the offer is to buy? It’s very confusing. Maybe english is not the primary language of the dev? That makes sense, but this is confusing I think.

EDIT: You know if I click out and click back, I can set it again. Looks like this is a bug.

For which payment account type? There are dozens of offers for less than you mentioned, I have several and they are all for less than 0.01.

Because if you want to sell, then the taker is buying, and the posted offers are for takers, not makers. You may argue that this is confusing and maybe the button “create an offer to sell” should be in the “buy” tab (and vice-versa), but these are just minor things. You can as well argue that current UI is ok, because if you want to sell you go to sell tab, check what offers are available and either take ony of them that matches your expectations, or you create your own and wait for someone to take it. This is basically the same as with a CEX where you can “market buy/sell” (same as taking an existing offer in Bisq) or do a limit order (same as creating your own offer in Bisq).

I don’t know if it’s minor but it’s obviously just a translation problem, not like it’s some huge error. It is incorrect english but it didn’t hold up operation. Still, for this reason I was correct to report it.

If you see my post I edited it and when I clicked away and clicked back, it worked. So this was just a UI bug.