Withdrew BTC to 3rd party wallet. 24hrs later still pending

I withdrew BTC from my Bisq wallet, directly to a 3rd party exchange.

The fee was automatically set to 10 sat/vbyte, and it’s taking ages - 24hrs so far.

I read the similar thread here:

Am I right in thinking there’s nothing that can be done to speed things up? I just have to wait, and either it will complete eventually, or it will be purged and I can recover the funds in Bisq by resyncing SPV?

This is correct. Best to wait it out till it confirms. If the transaction gets dropped you will need to do an SPV resync to access your bitcoin that was sent

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one unsupported strategy would be to load the seed in an external wallet, and do a RBF from there, if that is at all possible

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Thanks both :slight_smile:

The transaction finally went through!

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that was the best outcome you could hope for, definitely :slight_smile:

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