Anonymity of deposit when XMR -> BTC


I’m trying to make some BTC anonymous, and for that I tried to change BTC to XMR and back.

But then I realized, if I’m not wrong, that the deposit breaks the anonymity.

For exemple let’s say I have a non anonymous bitcoin address BTC1, and I want to buy bitcoins with moneros. I transfer funds for deposit from BTC1 to BTC2. Then the person who buys my Monero sends me bitcoins on BTC3. At this point there should be no link between my person and BTC3. But then Bisq sends back the deposit on BTC3, and so we can easily go up the chain to me : BTC3 → BTC2 → BTC1.

Am I wrong somewhere ? If not, how can I make the deposit to be sent back on another address ?

Hopefully i’m clear :wink:


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You’re not wrong, the best privacy practice even for Bisq is to coinjoin before and after every trade.

Thanks for your answer !

Interesting, so is coinjoin enough to make bitcoins anonymous, or should I still change BTC to XMR and back and use coinjoined bitcoins for deposits ?

Trading BTC at Bisq still leaves some link for your BTC because of the security deposit.