Past Contributors: Make Sure You're Added to the Mainnet BSQ Genesis Distribution [Bisq DAO] (3)

If you contributed to Bisq at some point in the past, please make sure you send a new BSQ address to so that you can be included in the genesis transaction. We are requesting a new address because w…

Restart your app at least once a day to avoid missed P2P network messages [Support] (2)

We have observed more cases of lost trade or dsipute messages and found that the P2P network has peaks of load which is probably the reason that some broadcast messages do not arrive at all peers. This can lead to the s…

How to switch to a new data directory [Support] (3)

There are several reasons why users might want to start over newly with a new data diretory: Privay Stability Performance Privay If you trade a lot and use always the same data directory your onion address is connecte…

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