DAO testnet testing [Development] (3)

With 0.9.3 the previous issues in the testnet DAO are fixed. Please start again to help us testing the DAO. It is super important that all Bisq contributors are partizipating in the testnet testing before we go live. I…

How to switch to a new data directory [Support] (2)

There are several reasons why users might want to start over newly with a new data diretory: Privay Stability Performance Privay If you trade a lot and use always the same data directory your onion address is connecte…

How to explore the DAO on testnet? [Development] (8)

Tomorrow we release v0.9.0 which comes with the DAO enabled on testnet. You can run it already from master now as well. Here is an overview about the most important aspects and a short guidance. More detailed documentat…

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