What new payment methods would you like added to Bisq?

I have recently taken on the role of researching new payment methods that can be added to Bisq and am looking to get ideas from Bisq users about what payment method they would like added.

If you would like to buy or sell using a particular payment method that is not available on Bisq please let me know. Or if you have any suggestions or ideas about payment methods you think would be popular on Bisq please share.

Please share her or on the GitHub post I have just published.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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There’s a new payment method in Brazil called PIX. It’s interchangeable between banks, instant and you don’t need to give much information: An email or phone number is enough (just like Zelle).

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Thanks @Bokehman thanks for mentioning PIX. It has been proposed in GitHub. If you could add your comments to the proposal that would be much appreciated

Please add Bitrefill balance card or integreted bitrefill widget on bisq.

Balance cards are USD or EUR denominated gift cards which can be used by anyone, anywhere, to purchase any of our thousands of mobile refills or digital gift cards.

Buy a USD or EUR denominated Bitrefill Balance gift card, with Bitcoin, and shop from Bitrefill’s catalogue of 2000+ products, from anywhere, at any time. The Balance card never expires, and gives you credit to buy your Steam, Netflix, Uber Eats, Amazon, or thousands of our other products, instantly.

Thanks, what would be the use case for this?

Wouldn’t the BTC buyer just be buying a gift card using BTC to purchase BTC at a markup?

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With bitrefill I could sell my cryptos and receive a gift card with FIAT money. The buyer could purchase the gift card with any crypto and exchange it at any time to receive crypto.This would be a decentralized, private and confidential exchange. If in the future bitrefill would add even more payment methods it could be even more interesting. For now it would only be a stable currency exchange.

Ok, so rather than you buy the fiat gift card yourself another user would buy it on your behalf? But wouldn’t the buyer then need to purchase you a gift card with their own crypto to send you a gift card?

I don’t think you can purchase gift cards on Bitrefill with anything other than crypto.

Yes only with crypto. But I can get a gift card in fiat. Another alternative is this.
Here you can also buy gift cards with fiat and it is an alternative to amazon.
No registration is needed to purchase. You can buy gift cards with 69 payment methods

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Thanks, I think Dundle would be a better option as it gives the user way to pay in fiat. Including Paypal!

I did not see a Dundle gift card though. It would be good if the buyer can just purchase one gift card and then the seller can use the Dundle gift card to exchange into a gift card for something else. Is this possible?

I have never used the service. From what I read you can buy gift cards or prepaid cards like visa, mastercard. Purchases can be made with 69 payment methods including paypal or credit cards.

Get your Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card online within seconds

Looking for a secure prepaid card for online payments? Get this virtual Mastercard Gift Card now with instant email delivery and it’s ready to use within seconds. Spend the pre-loaded balance online anywhere Prepaid Mastercards are accepted. That’s millions of sites! No need to complete an application process, deal with bankers or share personal financial data you want to keep private. You don’t even have to link a bank account! No more overspending or surprise fees, since you can only spend the available balance on the card. So buy your virtual payment card now, receive the unique code by email, and use it immediately to pay online with full security!

Does this Prepaid MasterCard expire?

First, make sure to redeem your gift card code within 4 months after the purchase. Once redeemed, you receive your instant Mastercard details which are valid for a period of 12 months in Europe and 6 months in the United States. Log in to My Digital Wallet to find the details of your card.