Attempted to buy and got error and btc gone


I attempted to make my first purchase and ran into an issue. It appears that the offer was taken by someone else before me. A message read:

An error occurred at task:ProcessOfferAvailibityResponse: Take offer attempt rejected because of: OFFER_TAKEN

But now I have 0 BTC balance. What happened to my BTC and how do I get it back.

Thanks in advance for those who help.


Start with Resync SPV chain. And then Issue a reimbursement request for trading fees spent in vain.

Thank you, I had fixed the issue by restarting the program. I have successfully made another trade, but now I am stuck on “waiting for blockchain confirmation” since last night. Is this normal? What is the average time for confirmation to complete?

Check to see if you can find the transaction in the blockchain.

I clicked on the transaction Id and got a message “transaction not found” from
Is this what you mean? Also, when I move the cursor next to the transaction ID it states seen by 0 peers 0 confirmation.

Please follow these steps [ISSUE] Transaction not being broadcast.
And if you can open a dispute and alert the arbitrator of the problem.

I did the resync spv chain and now the transaction id for that trade is empty. I have open a dispute, the arbitrator is s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999

These are the arbitrators handles: Arbitrators.