Bitsquare + Tails v2.5

Hi, i got some problems using bitsquare on tails-sticks.
Tor browser connects with no problem,all websites and onion sites are available.

On a desktop pc (no Tor installed) there is no problem to connect to Bitsquare.
What can i do to use Bitsquare on Tails?


It should work with Tor installed.

Can you describe what happens when you first start the app. Please have a look at the very bottom left and right (# of Bitcoin Peers & # of P2P network Peers)

Please use the most recent v.

That needs some extra investigation if and how to support that. Our internal Tor instance is used for the P2P network and if you route by default all over Tor you get Tor over Tor which will not work.
We need to check if we can use a exterenal socksproxy for the P2P network and if that works we need to add a program argument so you can choose to use the external Tor instance.