Bitsquare will not start on Ubuntu 16.04

I just insalled Bitsquare late Tuesday night (June 20, 2017) and did a few things.
I opened it the next day things looked great.
I go to start it today (Thursday, June 22) and it does not start.
I’m clicking the bitsquare icon to start it.

I see that there is something on my computer at: /opt/Bitsquare/

I also so another directory in my home directory that looks like data /home/kman/.local/share/Bitsquare

How do I try to start it from the command line? I did a cd to /opt/Bitsquare and tried to run a binary called Bitsquare there but it core dumped. Maybe needed parameters set?

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Did you update your system recently? Could you post a kernel version of your system?
You can see that with “uname -r”.

No updates. The only thing different is the installation of Bitsquare. That’s it.

uname -r gives me:

Also when I try to run Bitsquare from /opt/Bitsquare I get core dump

I had also commented on another thread about a similar issue to this one. I was answered there with the idea of chaning my kernel version. I upgraded my kernel to 4.11.6-041106-generic and now things are working. Still strange to me becuase my kernel has not been updated since installing Bitsquare. At any rate, things are working. I have another issue now about a trade, Thanks!


Maybe u had automatic updates enabled… Good to hear it works again. Hope Ubuntu fixes it soon.