Can Bisq be installed on a RasPi-4 PC Board?

I am thinking about using my RasPi-4 8GB board to run the RasPi version of Embassy OS Studio9 Bitcoin hub software. Can anybody in this forum please clarify if it is possible to install Bisq onto my RasPi-4 PC?

In other words, I do not want to install the Win10 version of Bisq to run from my Windows10 PC as a client that connects to my RasPI-4 PC. Instead I would prefer to run Bisq directly installed onto my RasPi-4 PC. In short, is Bisq available in a version that runs on a RasPi-4 PC board together with the RasPi version of Embassy OS Studio 9? Any information welcome.

There is an earlier thread that may be relevant.
You may need a RasPI-8 and lots of memory to run efficiently.
Also, I am struggling to upgrade to bisq-1.9.12. Bisq is supported on ARM86 processors hence if you want to run on an ARM processor you will need some coding expertise.