Can I buy XRP?

Can I buy XRP on bisq? If so, how? I’m new to coin and just inching along
trying to figure everything out. Do you have any learning videos? How to videos
about bisq? I love the anonymity of bisq (hard to find on any other Wallet site)

You can buy Ripple altcoin with Bisq, yes. You will need to have some bitcoins however for a security deposit as Bisq is a P2P exchange. Some videos are currently in the making, but the app should be pretty intuitive.

You just download it and when you run it you will be able to create an internal Bitcoin wallet. Then you just need to go to Accounts and create an altcoin account for Ripple and you will be able to create or take an offer for buying Ripple with bitcoins.

Feel free to ask on this forum if you have any questions while using Bisq. :slight_smile:

Thank You! I’ll give it a shot.

Not True, I was looking for XRP today in the newest release of Bisq and could not find it. There is no BTC/XRP pair.

Oh, it seems you are right. It looks like it was removed in v0.6.0 as it was never traded in Bisq, as you can see in the release notes (near bottom left of the list of removed tokens)

XRP is the 3rd most traded coin in the world right now! Why has it been removed from Bisq and can we PLEASE have it added back in? Seems like the top 10 coins should be available for trade even if there has been limited trades in the past.

Seems like the demand is increasing for it. I assume devs will look into this.

Be careful to take market cap and statistics too serious. It is very easy to game those specially if the coin is that badly decentralized like Ripple (owners hold a huge percentage). Anyone can make a request to add the coin as defined here: