Can we trade altcoins directly with fiat (without BTC)?

As you may know each BTC transaction as a disastrous C02 foot. For that purpose i’d like to trade more ecofriendly altcoins directly by using fiats. Is that possible? And if not, are you considering doing anything about it? How bisq gets involve in being environmental responsible?

Thank you

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You can trade any base currency implemented in Bisq for fait or any other cryptocurrency.

BTC is most widely used network with best offers, but you can also change your base currency in the settings to Litecoin or Dash.

I am not aware of any environmental issues however with Bitcoin, but then again I don’t think we should turn this topic into that. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the answer. They should consider PoS/energy efficient coins as base currencies.

Do your homework: One Bitcoin Transaction Now Uses as Much Energy as Your House in a Week. Bitcoin’s surge in price has sent its electricity consumption soaring.

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that’s exactly what I am looking for. But I can’t find any option for this. I always get BTC as “base currency”.
How do you circumvent this?

thanks in advance

You can change base currency in Settings and after restarting Bisq you should be on that network.

sure would like to see more options though — eth, xmr, xlm to name a few

A nice eco-friendly alternative is, it is based on proof of capacity (hard disk space). This coin has a built-in escrow with multi-signature/etc. It is apparently well suited as a base currency for bisq.

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I am not sure if XMR supports multisigs, as they are a requirement for being a base currency.
Eitherway it requires a bit of a development effort to add a coin as a base currency as the whole trade needs to run over it. This was easy for LTC as it is very much like BTC and I think that Dash community helped about adding them.

I see. Thanks for the information.

XMR now supports multisig I think


A nice video on how the escrow/multisig works with burstcoin

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Even Ethereum is not implemented as a base currency yet, so I doubt that other altcoins will be used without being quite popular. It is not easy to implement a coin as a base currency in Bisq.


I agree with you.

There is also PoSign from Xtrabytes, no one sees it coming except very aware geeks. It may competes ETH sooner that what we think.