DAO thoughts ahead of the document being released


As one of the programmers/contributors, I expect that by getting some tokens which will make me suddenly an investor, the situation is going to change. I will obviously try not only to generate good code for the sake of beauty and purity, but also search for creative ways to increase the value of my holdings. It may include directly increasing liquidity and usage of the platform, new integration tools with other platform and whatever I may come up by thinking every day how to push my project to the next level. My mind set will automatically focus on the businessman role and use the programmer skill as a capability.
I am obviously not the only one that will act this way, as the first distribution is done mainly among similar programmers. I expect this unique group of investors to create the needed magic that pushes the project forward.
It is good to list general suggestions for improvements, but I think each investor+programmer will act towards the same goal which aligns with the the goal of the project.
Actually, I would love to have such co-investors in any project I take part in.


I would hope that the business man in you does step up as such. The incentives are certainly aligned for you to do so without question and it is beautiful to see you inspired. I’m sure you guys have more up your sleeves than can be shared publicly at this stage and I hope my concerns are proven wrong 1000x over.

You guys put in the good fight over the last few years in making what is necessary for btc and the crypto space a reality. I will support those efforts in every way I can.


Thanks for your support!
We just wait for the final review from our lawyers then we will publish the DAO paper here on the Forum for feedback and comments.
I would love to give already more bites out but I am on holiday atm so not much online and I think the complete DAO paper is a better base for starting the discussions… Should not take too long…


Could not agree more, Hurt.
It’s just not realistic to hope that a good technical ideal gains traction for that reason alone. Please see my thread about barrier to fiat seller entry to Bisq ecosystem. I’ll post a link here when I work out how.


Okay, now I’m a bit more hopeful that the DAO might bring some much needed commercial focus to Bisq, I.e. as a consumer product, not just a technical and ideological gem.


Definitely. I’ve talked to a couple of people about it, and they find it intriguing :). for Bitcoiners it’s at last a chance to put some of their BTC on something worthwhile, and a chance to get in on the ground floor on something that has a real worth. This is a great development. In my opinion after the UX gets more friendly “the sky is the limit”.