Funds locked from failed trade

I had a transaction which never published. I contacted a moderator which nullified the transaction and suggested resync spv to get my funds back and closed the ticket. After multiple resync my funds are still locked. The transaction still is in my open transaction, and when I click on it, it gives a warning that “The deposit transaction is null. You can move the trade to failed trades”. I do not know how to do that and if that will help me unlock my BTC .

First, update to v1.5.2, you might find an option to move the trade to failed. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to re-import your seed at Bisq. Failed trade - locked fund - #10 by huey

Tried both options, nothing worked. I even re-sync’ed SPV after re-importing seed, but it still shows as locked.

I meant 1.5.4, latest version. I hope you did not downgrade.

Come to Keybase in case nobody replies with another option to solve your issue in next hours.