How to compile for rpm based linux? (Fedora)

Hi, I recently come across from Ubuntu based Linux to Fedora (25) Linux, My question is: Could someone kindly provide me with the exact commands needed to make and compile bitsquare in Fedora?

I’m unsure (and still getting used to rpm based system) as the readme is mainly quoting ubuntu when compiling. Any help would be much appreciated, & Thanks

Once you have more info feel free to share. Would be good info for others as well. Also if you get a reliable build script for rpm let me know.


I just posted here:

  • are you able answer questions so that I can get an RPM or AppImage package going?

Thanks for all the work on Bisq - it is very exciting and worthwhile stuff!


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You could also try to make a tiny test javaFX app and get a build script. Based on that I can probably adjust to Bisq. See /package/linux for current unix builds.