How to transfer bitcoin out of bisq wallet?

I completed a trade and wanted to move the bitcoin from the wallet on bisq to another wallet.

My transaction history shows that I have received the funds from the trade. How do I transfer these funds from my account? When I go to the Send Funds tab it say “There are no funds available for withdrawal”. How can I have received the funds yet not have the funds to withdraw?

Is this issue still happening ?
Did you try to restart the Bisq appli ?

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I have:

-Restarted Bisq
-Deleted SPV File and Re-synced
-Restored wallet from seed words

What other steps do I need to take to access the bitcoin in the wallet?

Do you have latest version installed? Do you see the incoming tx in a blockexplorer? If you resync spv chain file do it in the app in settings/network and do not interrupt it, it taked 100% cpu for a while and app is not responding in that time. just leave it until popup for restart comes, then restart again. after 2. restart the balance should be correct.
You cna check also with cmd+e the internal wallet balance and withdraw all funds from there (be sure to not have open offers).

If only the cmd+e option worked, withdraw all and export data you want (payment accounts, trade and tx history…). If you have BSQ you need to withdraw those as well. Then backup all and remove the Bisq data directory nd start over new. Seems some db files have been corrupted then…
See: How to switch to a new data diretory

Still do no have access.

Have updated to current version of Bisq v 1.1.5. A block explorer show that the bitcoin has been transferred into the transaction wallet, yet I do not have access to that wallet/coin.

When you press ctrl+e/cmd+e what happens?

Thank you. Ctrl + e gave access to the emergency withdraw feature.