Listing offers without the GUI

I’ve updated this to show last trade price and its current market distance, as well as estimating of offer fees (which I’m still not sure is correct). Anyhow, I pretty much use this in a daily basis to find good offers quickly. Anything with a negative market distance I’m usually buying :). Enjoy:


Hi, I just did not get the same results for the fees. You can put here an offer and how you calculated it?

Payment method: CLEAR_X_CHANGE
Offer ID: twmgd
Amount in BTC: 0.25
Maker fee in BTC: 0.000339
Taker fee in BTC: 0.001110
Price for 1: 4485.75
Maximum: 1121.44
Distance from market: 0.19%

{ “dataMap”: { “dogeTxFee”: 5000000, “dashTxFee”: 50, “btcTxFee”: 60, “ltcTxFee”: 500 }, “bitcoinFeesTs”: 1504451640 }

fee = TX_FEE * 200/100000000. = 0.00012

maker = max(0.0002, 0.002 * amount * math.sqrt(distance)) + fee
max(0.0002, 0.002 * .25 * math.sqrt(.19)) + .00012

taker = max(0.0002, 0.003 * amount) + (3 * fee)
max(0.0002, 0.003 * .25) + (3 * .00012)

Does it look right?

Okay, I was fumbling because I always used the same application result, and I did not take into account that the% distance changed over time. I think it is very well!

This weekend I was trying to figure out a way to get notified when there is a good offer. Sending email or SMS from a script for free is not easy these days.

So I thought, Twitter has an API, and I could subscribe to an account from my phone to get instant notifications. I hacked something up to do just that. Example:

In case anyone is interested, create a Twitter account for this and send me the fields in this config if you want me to post to it :).


Hi Manfred,

I notice this url ( does not seem to work anymore. Is there perhaps a replacement?

Thanks for reporting. Just restarted it. Works again.

Just a note, I’ve setup new URLs for this:

etc. It is also limited to showing only larger offers (like > $200 value).