Lost all historical funds

My computer died and I have lost all the data. I could not do any back up and I have not copied the wallet seed number. I now have a new computer and downloaded bisq again but How can I import the historical funds ?

With no data backup or seed to recover your addresses, your funds are lost.
What do you mean by historical funds? The records of the trades you’ve done can only be retrieved with importing the data backup.

By historical funds I mean past trades indeed. Do you think I could recover with the data history ? Maybe I can go to a store to look into my old files and see if they can find something. It won’t be the seed numbers though

The only thing that can recover funds and data, is the files in the data directory; if the files cannot be recovered, there is no way of gaining access to trade history, and especially to the bitcoin in there

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Thank you for the response. I might go to a data recovery specialist because the computer is dead. Do you know where on the disk this information would be stored ? Which folder ? Sorry I am not a computer person :slight_smile:


Thank you. I meant where to look on the computer disk. Is it in the applications or user folder ?

Depends on your operating system.

Here is a link to the default locations:


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I was able to recover the users and data directory from my broken computer. The information is now saved on an external drive. Could you provide information on how to open this information and copy paste it on the Bisq application that I downloaded in my new working computer please ? Thanks a lot

That is good news.

Here are the instructions how to restore the application directory:


If you do this it will overwrite everything on your new instance. So hopefully the new instance is just a new version of Bisq.

Thank you Pazza. I read the article from Bisq however it is not clear for example how should I open the data directory ? Do I open it with Bisq ? Do I open it with an other systems ? And then what information should I look for in this data ? Where should I look for it and where on Bisq do I need to copy paste this information ? Thanks a lot for all your support

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You can copy the entire old data directory (everything inside the Bisq file) and overwrite the new data directory

Should just be a case of copying and pasting.

You will lose everything in the new data directory and when you start Bisq is will revert to the old data directory. Therefore, if unsure back up the old data directory first.

I was able to recover my data. Thank you so much for all your help !


Great, glad it has been resolved :grinning:

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