Moving btc from bisq to Coldcard

Hello, bisq and btc noob here. Bougth my ever first btc with bisq here the other day, so far so good. My question is, can I send my btc from bisq directly to my Coldcard hard wallet? Or do I have to install a software wallet (sparrow) on my computer to make it happend?
Sorry if this is a stupid Q, but wee all have to start somewhere…

I don’t personally use coldcard, but if you can generate a receiving address directly from that, sure you can send btc from bisq to it.
Even if you imported coldcard’s master public key into sparrow to generate a watch only wallet (which is a good idea because you can keep track of your wallet that way, without exposing the private keys) and generate a receive address from there, you would still be sending btc from bisq “directly to cold storage” anyway

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