Need Help Please! Transaction Not Found

Sent BTC from my BISQ Wallet to a BTC wallet. Transaction ID is coming up NOT FOUND on BTC is no longer in my wallet. Any ideas?

Recently someone had the same issue
Try to restart your Bisq client.

I restarted the Bisq app. Showing no confirmations

But has the transaction been broadcast?

No. Well in Bisq app under FUNDS transactions it shows address sent to but nothing appears on my wallet I am sending to and under transaction ID it says not found. and under confirmations there is just the circle dots…no confirmations

First time I’ve come across a problem like this

I think you should see with @Astra2000 if the issue is similar and then maybe post a Github issue on There seems to have been happening some connections issues

Bitcoin mining fees are quite high for the last days, and right now also (54 satoshis/byte atm).
So, if you used low fees for your tx, then there will be some delay.
How much fees did you use ?

Hey Homard!! I think that is what it was.

I did it last night before bed and I wasn’t even thinking about the fees! Rookie mistake!! So it will go through just will probably take a long time?

I got it fixed. I resynced under settings and my funds reappeared in my wallet. Will resend with bigger fee. Will leave this post up if it helps someone else out! Thanks guys!!!

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@Homard low fees shouldn’t stop the transaction from showing in a explorer.