New version 0.6.0 released

I believe the problem that lead to this is the source of the original file. It changed some time ago and it reset the strings to empty. I will check if the source file path is correct tomorrow and fix it if not.

EDIT: It should be fixed. It was pulling the strings from the DAO branch, which is no longer used. Now it’s fetching the Development file.
All translators should recheck your translations tomorrow and check the history on the untranslated strings.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Ah cool you found the issue. Could u notify the translators inside transifex? not sure if all are following the forum…

I am trying to work on Transifex but there strange things happen.
There was 190 untranslated few days ago, so I found translations in “history” and restored some, planning to finish another day. Today I logged and now there over 250 untranslated! So number is increased.
I no Idea what is going on.
I’m just done recovering about 30 strings, but not sure am I need to continue or wait until the problem fixed?

Hello, it would be convenient to delete this sentence from the Web with urgency. Bisq is currently in Beta. It causes confusion in people, and some are still waiting for a functional application …

@riclas Could you have a look to the issue @cryptoross reported?

@erizo: Thanks, I will remove that.
UPDATE: Is removed.

This screen was today before I start recovering (232 untranslated)

and this one after I recover today 132

Now there left 100, but the problem is this 100 is new, no any saved in history, so need to translate them, not just recover.
And it is will take more time.


The non-traslated part took 45 minuts to me. :sunglasses: The hardest part was the already translated. Too mechanical and boring. And you learn some features and things of the protocol reading all the lines of the software so it makes it better.
I will review the translations when I finally know what could mean “salt” in Spanish. Una idea @erizo ?

Salt explained by wikipedia:
Maybe you can leave it untranslated? It is an IT term and often they dont have good translations…

Hola, MnM, pues “salt” es “ruido” que se mete en un hash para hacerlo más seguro, se le añaden datos aleatorios, vamos. Eso es el “salt”


You have to bee Speedy Gonzalez to do all translations in 45 min! :slight_smile:
If there only few words, it is take about 2 min. to type,and save. If strings have a few sentences, it is take about 3-5 min for each, If some translation is not match with terminology in prog, it can take over 10 min to found correct combination.
So, for 100 strings need about 400-600 min to finish at least, if there no any additional problems comes.

Well, I’d like to be reviewed by another peer to be sure that I wasn’t going too fast and I that the translation is good, but for sure I managed to do all the 100 strings in less than 2 hours.
A few words take less than 30 seconds to translate. A few sentences, less than 2 minutes. And you have to consider that I’ve been reading about Bisq and I made all the previous translating so I already know a lot about technical slang and words that could be problematic for newcoming translators.
I’d say that a lot of strings took me more or less the same amount of time that it would took if I had to copy them again in the same language.

@ManfredKarrer Salt will be kept the same, but I still want to find some word, because I thing it could be an easy one.

¿Qué tal suplemento, o bien suplemento aleatorio? En el DRAE la segunda acepción de suplemento es Cosa o accidente que se añade a otra cosa para hacerla íntegra o perfecta. Justo lo que se hace con la clave, suplementándola con salt, para hacerla más inviolable.

fwiw there was no issue, simply about 100 new strings when i changed the source of the resources file.

The new version is not getting installed on my system as I have tried to install the latest version but it did not get installed. I have gone through outlook 0x8004010f as it has also affected the email account of mine as well.

This is an old topic announcing an old version of Bisq. If you are looking for the latest version, please download the binary for your system at:

Bisq doesn’t check nor deals with emails of any kind. The information you put when creating an account in the app is for the other peer only.