Payment confirmation failing to send

I am attempting to buy and have sent my payment, but when I try to confirm with the button I continue to be notified that I need to “send the confirmation again”. I have sent a test message to the counterparty and have been notified in the chat that the message has been received by the sender. I have been using Bisq smoothly for months and have yet to run into this error. Thanks for the assistance.

This is a known issue, I have experienced it multiple times too.
For me, restarting client sometimes helped; or, sending a message in trader chat (usually you will notice the peer is not online at the moment, that’s why it won’t confirm). Or, just click once, wait for the “send the confirmation again” and then forget about it for a while, it might stick by itself.

Sometimes, you will see that at the next restart, it will become unchecked once again (button once again green), rinse and repeat.

Of all the times it happened to me (quite a few) it’s never prevented a trade from going through.


The issue seemed to have resolved itself as you mentioned. Thanks for the help!