Please update to Bisq v1.1.6 before September 19

Making a separate post to make 100% sure everyone sees it. After September 19, trading with older version of the software won’t work.

Full release notes are here in Christoph’s post.

I upgraded yesterday whilst having two trades locked.

Both are stuck in the sellers screen at step 2. (Wait Until Payment Has Started.)

One of them has sent me the fiat and progressed his side of the trade, whilst mine is stuck. We’ve opened a conversation in Bisq and are awaiting an Arbitrator to unlock the funds.

I’d recommend you reconsider the Sept 19th forced roll onto 1.1.6 as there may be an issue.

This happened to a second trade. Arbitrator asked me to log the errors with the programmers here.

Hmm, this is the first such incident I’ve heard of, at least for v1.1.6.

How do you know the buyer already sent fiat?

I’ve received it in my bank account.
We’ve a near instant banking system called OSKO, funds clear within minutes. (Would be great to get it as a feature in Bisq for Australian traders.)

Right, makes sense.

Did Bisq give you any errors? Or did your interface just not update?

Did you try restarting Bisq? Did you see it “syncing” in the bottom left?

No errors in Bisq. Correct the interface did not update.
Yes restarted multiple times and it was in sync.
I’ve since had a successful trade buying BSQ.

Thanks…sounds strange. Need more details so developers can investigate. I suggest posting your issue on GitHub and include the bisq.log file from your data directory (exact location depends on your OS).

OSKO sounds cool. Are you on the Bisq Slack by any chance?

Just posted log to Github and rejoined the slack channel.

This release consumes much less CPU and ram than other releases. nice work

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I updated yesterday and since then I am unable to log on to Bisq. I get to put in my password but after the next page comes up it goes nowhere. I have 0.5 bitcoin that I can no longer get to. Please help

The issue above was solved by reinstalling the software.