PSA: Tor is under DDoS attack, all sorts of network problems are to be expected

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Many users have been reporting issues with sync, connection, trade flow, DAO… this is alas to be expected, and not easy to solve as it depends on Tor.

Our development team is hard at work to release an updated version of Bisq with latest Tor commits.


I’m having the issue again, fails to sync the DAO, no arbitors available etc. I see the Tor problems are still ongoing, so we’ll see Bisq struggling for a while despite the 1.9.2 update.

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I presume getting the warning message:

We did not receive a filter object from the seed nodes. This is a not expected situation.
Please inform the Bisq developers.

during the Bisq (v1.9.2) startup and initialisation, is one of the network problems to be expected? Especially as Tor network is still experiencing problems at this time and Bisq is taking many minutes to initialise and the ‘Synchronizing DAO’ continues indefinitely.

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exactly, it’s a Tor issue, Tor is still suffering DDos attacks

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Is this error message related to the network problems? Just updated versions and got this when trying to connect.

Yes, it seems like it is.