Rebooting while Bisq is running

I currently have the Bisq application running with several open trades in various stages of completion as well as three open offers. My understanding is that I am supposed to keep it running.

However, I’d now like to reboot my operating system (for reasons not related to Bisq). Is this known to be safe or is it better to wait until all of my Bisq open trades are completed.

Also, for what it’s worth: one of my open trades, from October 29, is still waiting for blockchain confirmation. None of the four entries in the “Trade process” box has changed from the spinning dotter circle to the right arrow and no “trade information” appears on the screen. I funded that trade from an external wallet.

afaik, I think it is safe. But don’t forget to rerun Bisq after the reboot.
You may however wait for other answer(s) to be more sure.

There is probably a not broadcasted issue with your october 29 trade.

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Thanks. How can I resolve the “not broadcast issue”?

If it is effectively that, I don’t think you can do anything alone atm to solve it.
Either you will open a support ticket for that (with cmd+o, ctrl+o depending on your OS), or the counterparty will do it.
Were you the maker or the taker for this trade ?

Ok. I was the maker and was able to fund my trade wallet without any trouble.

It is safe to close Bisq in almost any stage of a trade.
You only need to keep the Bisq running if you want your offers to be available, as they can’t be taken when your Bisq client is offline. However, when you start Bisq again, your offers will become available again like nothing happened.

I just personally wouldn’t close Bisq while it was loading at startup or immediately after some action, such as taking a trade, creating an offer, etc. I would wait few minutes before I close the app.

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Thank you.

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