[REQUEST] New coin: ZenCash (ZEN)

Hey guys, just trying to figure out the right way to make this request. Would be really cool to get ZenCash (ZEN) listed:

Ticker symbol: ZEN
Official coin name: ZenCash
Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:

URL of the block explorer: https://explorer.zensystem.io/
Example address:
Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with en.wikipedia org/wiki/ISO_4217: Confirmed no conflict exists
Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.:
Check main site for links, I can only add 2 links here due to being a new user
We have a bitcointalk ANN thread, Slack, Telegram, blog, forum, and GitHub
Twitter @ZenCashOfficial

Altcoin requests are generally posted as a reply to this topic https://forum.bisq.io/t/how-to-add-your-favorite-altcoin/46

Don’t forget that you will need to make a pull request on Github for address validation.

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Great, we’ll do the address validation PR. Do you want me to repost this thread to the other one?

It can’t hurt :slight_smile: so go ahead

OK done, just linked it :slight_smile:

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hi, I made a proposal that would greatly streamline this process.

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