Starter package for new Bitcoin users who don't have BTC to get started


You can click on his username or his profile picture and go to his account. There you should see a big blue “Message” button on the top right. You can also click on your own profile picture (avatar) in the top right and select the second (envelope) icon from the right of your username or even click on your username and go to the “Messages” tab.


there is no big blue message button? lol can you just fund it ?
my wallet is 1A2n6Ztmw2aDMGBTAXKhvgEovXViiFegc4


I can provide 0.0112 - 0.02 btc for new users from Australia in exchange for AUD to my AU bank account.
No credit, no interest! Just check current rate BTC/AUD here and multiply it on 1.1 and do cash deposit, bank transfer to my account.

I will need from you if cash deposit - your bitcoin address.
I will need from you if bank transfer - your bitcoin address, screenshot of your internet banking with your name stated there, photo of any your ID holding near to your face or near monitor with frontpage of any news website.


Hello, I’m interested in the starter package but I don’t know how to contact via PM.
Can someone help me please?


Hi in-cred-u-lous,

I am interested in your offer. Would you be so kind to contact me as you read this message?

Best, Filippo


Hi opticbit,

I am interested in your offer. Would you be so kind to contact me as you read this message?

Best, Filippo


PLEASE ACCEPT. Hi all, I was able to get a friend to send me some bitcoin to get started, but I had him send me the exact amount of the .01 security deposit and didn’t realize I needed more to cover the fees… So, I just made an offer with a lower security deposit of .005. Can SOMEONE please accept this offer and sell me a little bitcoin? Looking for .12 coin. Just trying to get started here…

Update: Was able to get some additional BTC and opened a new offer that was accepted.


Hello everybody.
Is there anyone who would lend me the security deposit for a few hours?
I have moved everything to an offline wallet, forgetting that when using Bisq you always need a bit of money in a hot wallet… :smiley:
For me it would be easier than making that a “hot” one again by importing the keys and then going through the hassle of making a new offline wallet and transferring almost everything back to that… :wink:
This was a bit complicated but that’s how it is and I want to be open about it… :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers, Dave!


Hello, looks like I need 0.010412 BTC to fund offer. Can someone extend a loan to me please so I can get started? Paying you back will be my immediate priority. Thanks.


Im looking for somebody to lend me enough BITCOIN to complete my first BITCOIN purchase.

If anyone can help, please msg me or respond.


Can someone please lend me some BTC, i can use N26 for the transaction.
I will use EUR for the transaction.