System hangs on a desktop - NOT a laptop in hibernation .


I have been away for a while but now I need to withdraw some of what is in my account to another BTC address but when I go through the exercise I get the message:

“You need to wait till the download of missing bitcoin blocks is complete”

  • so I checked at the CLI where I started the app and indeed there is a lot of stuff happening and presumably downloading of block info. However, while I let it run, every now and then a pop-up appears telling me that the machine was asleep for x seconds and that the network connection was lost and that I should turn off hibernation in the system setup - BUT this is a desktop NOT a laptop and I am continuing to do other things while I wait for the blocks to be updated so what is going on?



A user here had the same issue: Stuck at "You need to wait until the download of missing bitcoin blocks is complete" for weeks - #9 by Conza

It was solved by deleting the spv file and resyncing: Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

I will have a look at that - thanks!

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