Transactions are not confirming

I suppose this generally still happens from time to time?

I have an unconfirmed transaction since Tuesday. Transaction window closed yesterday and now we have an open dispute.

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yes unfortunately atm there is high backlog of spam txs. who has an explanation why over night we get from <1000 unconfirmed txs to > 70 000? which normal use case triggers such explosions? and that happens mostly when price is peaking. are there forces who want to keep the price down when it gets too high? is bitcoin already relevant enough to provoke such forces to act?

Maybe there is a simpler explanation?
Maybe the rising price of BTC attracts more people causing more transactions? (even overnight?)

Probably people trade more during big price hikes and as such move their coins around. Some people are selling to get their profits and some are buying in fear of missing out.

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I have seen that pattern many times the last 1-2 years. I doubt it. I also saw in the work on the DAO that there are strange tx chain patterns. I have no evidence but I am pretty sure that a scientific research would bring interesting fact to light. has 90k, wow.

Anyone know if there a graph over time of these somewhere?

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Yes spammers go to next levels. Seems Bitmain is desperate that all their past strategies got unmasked and failed so far.

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My outgoing transaction has been unconfirmed for 7 days now. I was unable to set a fee in Bitsquare and the fee it set (88.88 sat/B) is apparently not sufficient to have this cleared right now.

I have 3 questions;

  1. Is there actually a way to set the fee in Bitsquare that I totally missed? (for future transactions)
  2. Is there support for First-Seen-Safe Replace By Fee, or can I manually issue one, so that I can “double spend” this transaction and make it go through with a higher fee? Maybe someone did a write up on how to do that from bitsquare using external tools?
  3. Should I consider re-issuing this transaction with a higher fee, or should I just wait it out?

Lets wait for a few days more. If it does not get confirmed still ping me by PM or email and I will instruct you how to do a double spend.

You can set the fee for withdrawals in ‘Settings’. There will be dynamic txs coming soon so this might not be too relevant.

There’s this if your wallet allows it: CPFP

You can try to add the tx ID here (Please ignore the forced statement):
The service is congested as well, though.

It has been 10 days now and still no confirmation… is it time to start double spending? Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

I tried txaccelerator, but as you said - it is congested. The wallet the funds are coming from is the built-in BitSquare wallet. I am not sure what is or is not possible there, but it seems to be fairly limited.

I will instruct you be PM how to do a double spend. I am just waiting for a test case to give you the best instructions, so might take a bit still…

I’ve been waiting 10 days, I can wait a bit longer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

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I’m glad others are having the same problem. :slight_smile:

So 5 days waiting for a transaction to confirm is not unusual?

Is there a method to cancel and then withdraw with a higher fee?

No, it is not unusual these days. Blocks are full of transactions.

You can’t really cancel it, because the transaction is in the Bitcoin network now, in a so called mempool.
You can do what is called a double spend, which you should talk to Manfred about it.

Double spend is only the last resort. To wait is less troublesome…

Just as report:
I have 2 with withdrawal transactions pending at present:
I) 9 May 2017 21:53:08 (15 days ago) / miner fee 0.0002
II) 18 May 2017 20:04:14 (6 days ago) / miner fee 0.0002

Just waiting :slight_frown: