Unconfirmed deposit Tx: Don't panic

Ok, now I removed the SPV chain file, and after restarting several times, the deposit tx has gone, that means the field for the deposit tx is empty, and if I look at the transaction (in json format), the deposit tx is also missing.

What could I try next?

Can you open a dispute in that trade now? You can try it by pressing cmd+o.

If I press Ctrl-o I get only the option to open a support ticket.
However it then wants a tx id which starts with “3”. However in the drop down list, there is no tx id starting with “3”, they all start with different numbers.

As you haven’t locked your security deposit, as far as I understand. Maybe the best option would be to simply withdraw your funds using the emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e. Then try using Bisq another time, perhaps when you are not running a local node, if you were running it now.

I have a locked security deposit according to the “locked funds” tab.
With local node you probably mean a bitcoin full node? I am not running such a node.
When I press Ctrl-E I get only to transfer the “available balance” funds.

That is odd. Maybe @ManfredKarrer can assist you here. You can always export your private keys by removing the wallet password, restarting the app and then pressing alt+j.

@esackbauer Can you post the 2 trade fee txs (maker, taker fee)?
Probably one o those is not in the blockchain (prob. the peers one). Thus the deposit tx also failed as it uses both as inputs. That means that your funds never left the wallet but the application might not consider that correctly. I will PM u for further instructions.

Maker fee tx: 66f87f37da15597664930f048704fc26f1e151bbf7269209e0f17506b94782ab
Taker fee tx:
ea5ac0a95ecd212c12397e6bc4bee790358af8a96090d45cbadf6a2ec43d264c (this one has failed)


The mempool is very, very empty atm.
When transferring funds to nun bisq wallet I can choose whatever fee I want, right?
What about the trade itself - I want to buy BTC with EUR: Can I have the seller put in a low fee to get more sats for my money?

Yes, you can withdraw your funds from Bisq with a custom fee.
No, for deposit transaction in your trade your client will use it’s own fee, because low fees would affect the other trader as well.

Okay so both for the security deposit and also for the actual traded BTC amount or what?
And what does Bisq aim for as a confirmation time? How many minutes / blocks?
If it always aims for the next block it might get very expensive.
I mean, not everyone gets startet in crypto with a few grand in USD… (I don’t want fees to be higher than my trade amount :wink:)

The taker fee tx is not confirmed, probably due the issues we had in the last versions.
Please contact @cbeams for reimbursing you the lost fee.
The arbitrator can close the case to the sellers side (assuming the buyer did not sent the fiat) as the deposit tx was never valid due the unconfirmed taker fee tx.
After the case has been closed your balances should be correct. Cross check with cmd+e to see if the balance there is the same as available+reserved in the UI. If not delete the spv file in settings/network.

Thank you so much for your support, @ManfredKarrer, @alexej996

@ManfredKarrer It would be great to know what confirmation times Bisq tries to get (how many blocks / minutes) or if the fee is maybe hard coded ?
Thank you in advance!

We currently use the fee estimation service from ern.com and target to get into the blockchain by waiting max 5 blocks.

Okay, you choose the fee that gives 5 blocks as a maximum delay or as a minimum?
Currently, earn.com states that you might get confirmed in the next 5 blocks with 1-10 sat / b but at that price it says it might as well take many, many more blocks - while if you’d pay around 100 sat it basically guarantees confirmation in 5 blocks.
So in this example it would choose the 100 sat fee?
I’m not too sure what to think about that site.
To me it looks like you would be pretty safe to be confirmed in the next block when using 30-50:

I think that in this case you would get 100 sat/byte fee. It is the maximum that we are concerned with.

Fee estimation was always a tricky business, but Bisq usually takes the approach of insuring that everything goes smoothly, as mining fees were very low in the past.

Okay thanks for the info.
But as you can clearly see on the page I provided a link to, basically all of the 20-30 sat tx are confirmed on every block currently. Still, earn.com tells that with such a fee (as for now) one might have to wait for 3-18 blocks. Imho it is a bit too pessimistic in its predictions :wink:
Also, if a SEPA takes 2,3 days anyway why should the bitcoin transaction have to be confirmed in 5 blocks (under an hour usually)? Wouldn’t it be okay to aim for like 1,2 days as well (would still be faster than the SEPA tx)

There is no correct answer here. It is just estimation and opinions. I don’t find it reasonable to increase the trade by more than couple of hours. Also hopefully mining fees will be lower in the future, as I don’t think that it is intended for fees to be this high on the Bitcoin network. Hopefully this is just a short term issue. I think Bisq is trying to use the Bitcoin network as it did before and hopefully will in the future, just for the higher expense during these high fee times, which is not that big for bigger trades.

Yes, if you watch a longer time period, the fees were in today’s levels for quite a long time before December and January were totally flooded of transactions…
I just got an idea: Bisq could use the Lightning Network once it’s all officially bug-free. That way one could buy multiple times without having an on-chain tx every time.
What do you think about that?