URGENT: Certain banks banned until further notice

I have a question since I haven’t bought on bisq yet but wanted to buy some BTC today actually.
Is N26 banned? I have read couple bans happened or account closes?
Is there maybe a way to negotiate price with trader before making the trade?

BEcause right now it seems for me there are only 3 SEPA offers available which charge 10% each and I am interested in buying all 3 offers, but would like to as the trade maybe for discount if I take all.

Yes SEPA with DE IBAN (Transferwise)

1/ Afaik N26 is not banned by Bisq. See Manfred’s post below.
N26 on its side apparently bans user’s account if they suspect crypto trading. So be careful with that.

2/ There is no way to negotiate first in the appli itself.

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I’m one of the scammed persons. Would like to share thoughts. How did you guys react? My lawyer consults me to not send back the money since I first refused the chargeback and since I’m having a legal trade contract, fulfilled legally on my end.

The issue is between the other victim and it’s bank and transferring money back now could make thinks more complicated than they are.

Any thoughts?


PS: Since I might have to deal with authorities soon, it would be great to have a handy printable Version of the trade contract. I can’t find an option for that. But I(and probably others) will surely need that.

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Wrong. It falls into the region where we have banned SEPA trades until there is more protection out.

What country and banks are currently blocked?

I wanted to take an SEPA offer today from an Account (>1 year old) from Germany and got an

An error occurred at task: CheckIfPeerIsBanned
Other trader is banned by his trading account data.
paymentAccountPayload=SEPA - Account owner full name: xxxxxx Country of bank: DE
banFilter=PaymentAccountFilter(paymentMethodId=SEPA, getMethodName=getCountryCode, value=DE)

It was none of the banks mention in this post: Buyer made a chargeback (SEPA)

Is whole Germany banned?

Please open a dispute and the arbitrator will guide you through the process. If the account was old then it is likely not the scammer and the trade can be completed via arbitration.

We prefer to not give too much details to not give hints to the scammer.

Trying to sell BC I get various error messages as stated above by user tiek:

How should I proceed?
Should I cancel my offers for the time being?
I do not really understand whats going on.

It would have been nice of you to at least block those banks then from the trading procedure if they are banned anyway.

I started a trade for SEPA to buy BTC. I sent the SEPA from my N26 bank account and my trade got locked
and dispute was opened and the arbitrator ist just gibing me very shady 1 sentence responses. I had to figure out about myself what the situation actually is and now I have no Idea how this will proceeds and whats going on. The other party has my Fiat for almost 2 weeks now and the BTC are still locked and I dont know whats really going on.

@mini You can leave your offers,. The taker who tried to take your offers is on the ban list. Might be the scammer or a false positive but keeps you safe. What country is your bank?

@sydolk Certain data is only known when a trade process starts so we cannot ban the offers directly. For those cases where we can we do that. What is your banks country?
You can read in the Forum posts about the situation. Which arbitrator did you refer to? What is your trade ID? We keep suspicious trades locked for a few weeks to avoid more damage from chargebacks (if a chargeback happen the BTC is not released). Please check if you have trades with any of the banned onion addresses and if so PM all he trade details (screenshot + json).

my bank id DE (I am seller of BC)
Meanwhile I canceld all my offers.
Things are getting to unpredictable.

Yes atm fiat trading is heavily disrupted by that scammer. With the next release we get back to normal…

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@ManfredKarrer Thanks for your answer.

The trade mentioned is listed in the tab failed.

Either the taker and tx fee nor the multisig deposit tx have been published.

Reading the other thread Trade stuck before step 1 I assume that this trade has definitely failed and nothing can be done about it anymore.

I am a little bit worried with this problem.
My last three transactions ended up in error because of this matter.
¿Is it being contained and diminishing or the other way round? ¿Where can I send the Bisq log?

Further with my replay: Is it possible to consider this problem produced by an individual or by an organization?

We knwo for 100% about one scammer. There are a few other suspicious cases where it is not 100% clear but likely that either the same scammer or others are operating. As said atm we have blocked several regions for SEPA and Interac to stop the scammer. It is too early to say that they have disappeared. With the next release, hopefully this week we will add more protection tools so those scams will not have a chance anymore. In the meantime I recommend to trade with extra care and open a dispute if anything is slightly suspicious or the makers account is less then 1 months old. We can delay in the disputes the BTC payout, so in case a chargeback happens there is no financial loss. Usually chargebacks happen 1-3 weeks after the incident, so those delays are adjusted to that.

It the trade is under pending trades, open a dispute with cmd+o. If you have any trades with the scammers onion address as listed in the other thread please report the trade details with a screenshot and the json data by PM to me. If you get any chargeback request please accept it and get in touch with me regarding reimbursement.

I’m very sorry to raise my issue again here, but in the other thread (Trade stuck before step 1) nobody seems to fully read and understand the problem:

It is impossible to open a dispute from within the application, because:

Pressing crtl+o opens a window, but when I click the button “Open Support Ticket” the window closes and nothing happens.

Are you aware of this bug?