What happens if you withdraw and trans ID doesnt exist?

As the title states - i have an unbroadcasted transaction, i tried to pay something by withdrawing, yet the funds are gone and the transaction ID is non existent.

I tried to close bisq and re-open and funds are still gone… :frowning: please someone help.

Should i revert to a previous backup? will that help?

Any help would be appreciated.

I tried reverting to a previous backup i made a few hours ago but it shows my latest transaction, thought maybe it would show my original amount since it didnt broadcast it the first time… how is that possible?
What to do now?? is it gonna return to wallet ?

I see in the bisq log it has:

Dec-08 20:38:32.029 [ STARTING] INFO o.b.w.Wallet: New broadcaster so uploading waiting tx b0eada06d603a8ad79526ee023791ab8954a591404b8e0a4cc284c2b30b49969
Dec-08 20:38:32.030 [ STARTING] INFO o.b.c.TransactionBroadcast: Waiting for 6 peers required for broadcast, we have 0 …

That is the trans ID. Why does it only try and broadcast only when bisq opens up? during bisq staying opened, it does not broadcast anything.

@ManfredKarrer please tell me what i can do to reverse this if transaction has not been broadcasted?

BTW i have bitcoin-qt open as well. so maybe the mempool needs to be removed and restart bitcoin-qt client?

I wait for your reply before i do anything stupid. Im stressing hope i didnt lose any money :worried:

Don’t stress please. You can not lose money. There is simply no way.
You have total control of your bitcoins here and there is no other address where BTC can end up then in one of your addresses.

We will get to bottom of this slowly. There is no need to worry or be in a hurry. Blockchain is very secure technology and money can’t just simply go away.

Remember that you can always access the emergency wallet in Bisq using cmd+e and you are always in control of your private keys that you can export if it is ever needed.

It does seem like that transaction id is not in the network at the moment so your bitcoins are probably then still in your wallet. The transaction will either get confirmed or bitcoins will stay in your wallet. There is no such thing as money in transit in Bitcoin. They have to be somewhere.

It might be just a UI bug that is showing you a wrong balance in which case the emergency wallet might help you here. Maybe even deleting the SPV chain file.

But to make sure you don’t break anything it is good to know whether you have any open trades or offers. Either way, your bitcoins are safe.

@alexej996 thank you so much for your reply.

i currently do have some offers up, should i remove them completely now before i delete the SPV chain?

Will deleting the SPV chain and restarting show my correct balance? ie. BTC did not yet leave my wallet right?

How often does it try re-broadcast the transaction? How can it get confirmed without being broadcasted?

Also, do you think i should leave it and let it re-broadcast or should i just cancel it by deleting SPV chain?

Sorry for the many questions… but i just need to understand


The emergency funds balance is the total which includes my locked funds (which are from open offers) and thats it. the amount i have sent is not part of the emergency funds balance. What happened to that?

Please have patience it will all sort out by itself once the mempool gets cleared.
See: Unconfirmed deposit Tx: Don't panic

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You tx was broadcasted but some explorers dont show all txs, specially when they have OP_RETURN like the Bisq deposit tx. Use anotehr block explorer like https://bitaps.com.

The wallet gets its state from the network so what u experienced is expected.
Please dont do such strange stuff and just wait then all resolves by itself. If you try to do double spends you screw up your walleet and there are more problems.

@ManfredKarrer yes also saw that now.
Can i ask, what causes double spending? if i resend the amount you mean? cause i didnt do that. I just deleted SPV chain, thats ok right?

No dont delete the offers. Just do nothing. Unconfirmed txs are not a real problem it just takes longer.

From your questions you seems to try to hack things what you dont understand enough. Lear before about Bitcoin and how the network and transactions work. There is a lot of resources out there, its fascinating stuff. But don’t try to do unusual stuff based on assumptions which are wrong.