Zelle limit transfer to $2500

I started a buying transaction using Zelle. The ammout is $4500. But when I initiated the $4500 transfer Zelle responded that it allows only $2500/day. What can I do ?. It is a way a bypassing Zelle to initiate a dirrect transfer, or to split the same transaction in 2/3 smaller ones
Thank you

Or can I send 2/3 Zelle transfers for the SAME BTC transaction ?

I guess you should open a dispute here and solve the problem. This is the kind of stuff that arbitrators are there to help with :smiley:
You can open a dispute at any point with cmd+o

EDIT: User created a new topic about the related issue with some more information My bisq is locked, It ask to open an ticket
The topic is closed so the discussion can stay in this one. Hope that is fine with you :slight_smile:

I’ve done a few trades like this. You can split the transfers over days and just use the same reference.

Part of the problem, I believe, is that different banks impose daily limits when using Zelle. This has been a common problem, though, in any case, because most banks seem to impose something around 2000 / day limits, and as Bisq’s current limits (0.25 BTC) are currently worth well over 2000 USD, traders often run into this problem.

I’m not sure exactly what we should do here. Perhaps extending the trading window for Zelle by a day or two would help, plus adding some kind of notice to sellers that buyers may need to complete their payment over multiple transactions spanning multiple days, depending on their bank’s daily limits.

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