Bug - Locked in trades display empty

I was using

I had two sell trades accepted:

The first for 0.1 BTC, I am awaiting payment to my bank, and showed 0.11 locked in trades (.01 deposit).

The 2nd one for 0.034 BTC was completed successfully.

After upgrading to the ‘Locked in trades’ shows 0!

Should I be concerned? The pending 0.11 trade is still there in ‘Open Trades’.

Hm… i did nto change any code in that area. Might be a bug in displaying the value. Try to restart and see if its still 0.
If you get a problem at the payout open a dispute. I don’t take the depoist if cases of software bugs.

Hi Manfred

Yes, I’ve restarted at least 3 times, now. No change at all.

There doesn’t appear to be any missing transactions or anything.

Hi Manfred,

I have got a similar problem. It seems that the calculation of the reserved offers is not quite correct. In my case it should be 2.8732 BTC but actually it shows 2.6926.

Hi Manfred,

I too have a locked in trade, was 0.21 now showing as 0.00.
Also had 0.21 in Reserve. Deleted the offer now btc not showing up in deposit funds.

looks like i may have a trade that will be going to arbitration in about a day. first time. i wonder if something is up or just a coincidence.

Guys, you’ll have to wait for @ManfredKarrer to reply. He’s travelling, so it might take a bit longer than usual. I’m positive things will turn out fine.

I will try to have a look into that issue asap, but might take a few days…

I found the bug.
As expected the funds are still there but they don’t get displayed correctly.

I used in the development branch for a while a new algorithm for the offer ID creation but reverted that later. Some testers or users who have compiled from source code of the development branch created offers in that time and those offers are incompatible with the deployed version.
That invalid offer ID format caused an issues that the selection of the transaction outputs is not correct and so not dislaying the correct balance.
That might be only affected by 1 offer/trade in your open trades/offers so others will work correctly.

As I saw about 30 offers in the offer book which have been created with that invalid ID format I need to deploy a new release with a fix for that.

That is also probably (not checked yet…) the reason for duplicated trade statistics objects.

I will also revert a change in the P2P network which made message delivery less reliable.

As soon the new release is out (hopefully tonight) please update asap.

Danm… too much work for vacations :slight_smile:

hey man, just to let you know. You closed my support ticket due to seller side bug and released the funds to me…But my balance is not correct. I will update when new version comes out.
Just as an aside…would you/arbitrator normally(when its a non-bug dispute and your not on vacation:) wait for disputer to confirm all is ok before closing ticket?
dont work too hard!

edit: thought i saw this somewhere…iv tried ctrl-e to check my balance as per here -> https://forum.bitsquare.io/t/serious-problems-with-v0-4-9-5-caution-adviced/603

Now the balance in the ctrl-e screen is just the sum of “available balance” and “reserved in offers”.
Soo…it looks like my BTC is still in limbo as its not accounted for in that balance?
The ctrl-e screen figure is less than my recent trade which was in dispute, so it cant be there.

I did withraw some funds from my wallet before the dispute was closed/funds released to me.
while the dispute/issue was active…just want to give you all the info i have.

errr Ok…i just noticed i dont see the payout transaction in the transactions screen.
Can you PM me when you can. I dont want to list my transaction publicly.
Sorry about my crap posting style. (iv done multiple restarts of the application. ubuntu 1604)

ummm…looks like ill PM you in a week like you said. :wink:

thanks for settling my issue.