0 Balance issue

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I’m really new to Bisq. I’ve been struggling with the 0 Balance issue since yesterday. I sent my coins to fund wallet in Bisq, whereas the address information shows the success and the number of confirmations is 150 + after 24 hours.

I tried CMD+E, and restart. Nothing happened. Google told me someone said it may take 48 hours? Or may be because of different types of coins?(its BTC from the localbitcoin)

I was wondering if I can do something with this situation? The more confirmation, the more fee is given.

Any advice would be super helpful!

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So you have made a transaction from localbitcoin to a wallet from your Bisq wallet. Do you have a txid? I don’t know if it’s an issue that localbitcoins takes long to withdraw funds.
If you have a txid, which would mean that the transaction has been actually done and not just requested to localbitcoin, then proceed to make sure through a blockchain explorer if it has been confirmed.