0 confirmations of payout transaction

I took an offer to buy BTC and today the seller confirmed the EUR reception. I chose to keep the funds in my wallet but later made a partial withdrawal to my external wallet.

PROBLEM: It has been more than 4h and the payout transaction from the trade says “Seen by 22 peers / 0 confirmations”. The withdrawal transaction is in a similar state: “Seen by 21 peers / 0 confirmations”.

Why is this happening? Is there a risk of the payout transaction not happening and losing BTC? What should I do? Any help would be appreciated.

You should check out your payout transaction on a block explorer and see if it is confirmed or if it maybe wasn’t published in the first place. If Bisq is just not showing that it is confirmed then deleting the SPV chain file in the Settings might help, otherwise we might need to contact the arbitrator.

Using bitaps, it says the transaction is “Unconfirmed”.
How to contact the arbitrator?

If you see the transaction in the block explorer then transaction should be published to the network and it should confirm on it’s own eventually. You might just need to be more patient, sometimes confirmations can be unpredictable and can take a bit longer than expected.

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Oh so there is no risk of some sort of “time out” in which the transaction is lost/cancelled?
Am I at any risk of losing BTC?

No, don’t worry. You can’t lose your BTC in Bisq it is always either in your wallet or in a multisig where you can unlock it with an arbitrator.

Transactions don’t really timeout in Bitcoin, they are sometimes forgotten by most of the nodes after couple of days, but they can always be confirmed while they are valid. I assume Bisq will keep rebroadcasting transactions while they are not confirmed so they will never be forgotten by the rest of the Bitcoin network (at least that is whay Bitcoin Core wallet does).

Ok, thanks for the info.
Just one question, since the trade has the status “Completed” and is in the “History” tab, not in the “Open trades” tab, how do I contact an “arbitrator”?

If you have arbitrators onion address you can post it here and we can contact him over the forum.
If not, we can simply ask them who has a trade with your trade ID.

But there is nothing they can do about this in your case as the transaction is successfully published. It is up to the Bitcoin network now. You can always use a CPFP method as well to increase the fees and give a bigger incentive to miners to include your transactions in the next block.

Hmm i see.
And how would i do this CPFP given that i have these two pending/unconfirmed transactions:

  • payout transaction (to my bisq internal wallet): UNCONFIRMED (fee = 8 satoshi/byte).
  • partial funds withdrawal transaction (from my bisq internal wallet to my external wallet): UNCONFIRMED as well (because of previous?) (fee = 10 satoshi/byte).

I still have some funds left in my bisq internal wallet because withdrawal was partial.
So how would I do a “Child Pays For Parent” in this scenario? I would send money out of my bisq internal wallet or out of my external wallet? What would you advise? What fees?
Thanks a lot for the help.

You really don’t need to do any of this right now. You can just wait a bit and it should confirm on it’s own. It would have already confirmed, but the Bitcoin network seems to be a bit full up on transactions at the moment.

I wouldn’t advise you waste the miner fees to speed up this transaction nor create more transactions which will just slow the network as a whole. This is just something people use to increase the priority of their transactions when the network is running at it’s full capacity if they are in a hurry.

You can read more about CPFP here

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