1.5.1 buggiest trades yet

Ever since updating to 1.5.1 I have had multiple trade issues. as a BTC buyer I experienced a bug I’d never seen before, where despite a deposit transaction confirming on chain, bisq never realised this. I had to resync spv before it would show up and move to stage 2 of the trade process, at which point I was able to complete two of the trades successfully, but sending my payment message on bisq has failed on the third. I have another trade showing as failed with funds locked up and an ‘undefined’ status, the peer and I can message and he has apparently opened a mediation which I cannot see. Now I have another taker with a not broadcast deposit transaction, something which had become quite rare on 1.5.0 and would be detected as a failed trade if it did happen.

Sorry to hear about your issues.

I had a number of issues on 1.5.0 but have found 1.51 to be, so far, a lot more stable.

Have you reached out to support on Keybase or raised a support issue on GtHub? I know this would be appreciated as the developers are keen to resolve all bugs as quickly as possible. It is easy for them to do so when Bisq users can give them details of what has happened so they can sort it out.