1.9.8 Upgrade Breaks on "--daoActivated=false"

I use Whonix and it works fine when I start with this:

/opt/bisq/bin/Bisq --torControlPort=9051 --torControlPassword=notrequired --socks5ProxyBtcAddress= --useTorForBtc=true --daoActivated=false

But now that I upgrade to 1.9.8 today, it will not start because of this error:

error: problem parsing option 'daoActivated': daoActivated is not a recognized option

Can someone explain these things:

  1. why was this deprecated?

  2. can I safely run without this switch?

  3. is there a new switch I should use instead?

Thank you.

  1. Due to the proposal to distribute the donation address funds to multiple burning men it was required that all traders be running with the DAO activated. This is to help ensure the new protocol runs as intended. Basically, previously it was not an issue is a user wanted to run without the DAO as the trade fees fell back to a default donation address. However now this would be an issue as the idea is to phase out the default donation address and have multiple burning men being receivers for trades that enter arbitration.
  2. Yes, you will just be syncing the DAO. It will be more resources than not syncing it as before.
  3. No, just think the option to run Bisq without the DAO was removed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, this makes sense. I really appreciate the clear answer. There is always so much to learn and answers like these that alleviate confusion quickly make everything else come into focus better.

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No problems, feel free to check out the new Burning Men UI in DAO > Proof of Burn > BurningMen

Anyone who has contributed for Bisq in the past will likely be able to participate should they wish to.

Hi I navigated there and I see the page but I do not know what a BurningMen or Proof of Burn mean. There is no explanation in the UI, which is really not very good design. Not even a link to the appropriate support page.

Is this a way to donate money? To stake money and earn more? Both? Neither? No explanation.

Yes, I can search online, but we are all busy people. It is not great for any software to expect more time of the user. Think of how much work it is to embed the link in the UI vs. every single person looking it up manually?

But I am looking into it, including the proposal you linked to. I only wanted to make this point publicly.

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Okay this makes no sense to someone who is not already intimately involved in the project: Distribute Burningman role to contributors who burned BSQ · Issue #390 · bisq-network/proposals · GitHub

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Yes, more documentation needs to be created. The new trade protocol goes live on 1st Jan 2023. Hopefully this will answer the questions your pose.

Agreed, I think the information should be more accessible. Hopefully including information in the wiki and relevant links will be helpful.

Thank you, sorry to complain. I know everything takes time. I am of the belief that no UI should ever be released until the documentation is created first, but my philosophy is not popular with most devs. :slight_smile:

I may learn what a burningman is, someday when the answer is in the UI, and I have a reason to navigate to that page.

I have no idea what you mean about trade protocol but good luck with it.

No problems will update you when it is written.

In the meantime there is some documentation about the current burning man role:


and this is also relevant Arbitration - Bisq Wiki

Thank you. I read those links you sent. I appreciate that you sent them but these pages do not make any sense to me. I think they might make sense to anyone who is involved with developing Bisq? But they are very abstract, and do not explain what they are talking about at all. There is vocabulary and concepts they seem to assume the reader understands , so if you do not have this knowledge already you can’t understand what the pages mean.

I mean, literally, I have no idea what those pages say. It’s like sometimes when you read something written by an AI where the sentences are real sentences, but there is nothing being said. Although the AI uses grammar correctly, and I think maybe those pages don’t? I think the author of those pages is not a native english speaker maybe? I say “maybe” because it is so unclear what the writer is trying to say, that I can’t tell if they are putting commas in the wrong place (etc) or if they are saying something completely different.

So, again, thank you, but I do not know what DAO is any more than I did a few days ago. (It’s also confusing to use DAO as an acronym when that is a very well-known acronym used by the ETH project.)

It’s not necessary to know every detail about the DAO, but now having the DAO activated is mandatory, to make sure every user follows the same rules that the DAO decides.

Right, that makes sense.