1st Trade Completed (Zelle) ... Comments

Hey Guys:

Well it took awhile but finally today someone took my trade and we just now completed my first BISQ exchange. Congratulations to me! :slight_smile:

Seems to be all cool so far, I got the alert that trade was taken, went to my bank and opened the Zelle section to send the money using only receiver’s email.

The guy did not have his actual NAME filled in quite correctly however… I don’t think. There was only one name and I had no idea if it was a first name, last name, nick name or WTF. So I put in just the same single word for all three fields and chose to send just “by email” option.

So that went thru, seemingly okay.

Then the result on the bank’s info page appeared to show the receiver’s info more accurately (first name etc). SO I used that then to update my ‘contact info’ on the bank’s Zelle page.

So then the alert changed and BISQ notified me transaction was complete, and I moved the BTC to my wallet.

All good… so far, so good… I think. ??

So… anything next? Any chance the Zelle will be reversed or some shit can still happen at BANK side?

Anything I need to do from here or seems transaction complete, all good… no worries?

Thanks for comments.

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It’s all good. You are done here.
You can enjoy your BTC now :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing liquidity on this beautiful little exchange of ours :blush:

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