2 payouts from Multisig have no valid tranaction id

Hello, I should have received two payouts from multisig wallet. They both show up in transaction history and the btc are also added to my balance. But if I try to withdraw the transaction isn’t broadcasted to the blockchain at all. If I look at details of Multisg payout transaction and click the transactionid of payout blockchain doesn’t know about either. So looks like the security deposit that was stored in the Multisig wallet never came back to my wallet… What has happened? And how to I get my BTC?
This should be the payout from security deposit → Bitcoin Explorer - Blockstream.info

What else info do you need?

15.02.2021 13:17:11 MultiSig-Auszahlung: 92463 Erhalten mit: bc1q9f3vqsjch9alj2raqrlan4gjtqeamp2uxeh843 5814d5ddf2f256157e8e414b2fc3358bffa4a9c309283a55dcec11ee56cd3b9e 0.015850 0
15.02.2021 13:14:14 MultiSig-Auszahlung: mnsJypu Erhalten mit: bc1q2av2czngl3pv0aha89sx8f4ry9rjt6z85hqrjw ac27b3c619087cde416f2d99795fcc21a884f449ba56d1132a4b56444ef4db63 0.015850 0

What is wrong with theese two transactions? And can someone move this to support?
Please help me getting hands on my coins can provide remote access or give you the whole data directory.

Hi, so a trade was completed but the payout produces an unvalid tx?
You can share the private data at support channel

dennis, i cannot see tx id ac27b3c619087cde416f2d99795fcc21a884f449ba56d1132a4b56444ef4db63 on blockchain?

Any update after reaching the support channel in Keybase ?

thanks for replies where is the support channel?

Yes thats the problem…

I wanted to take 2 offers afterwards and they couldn’t even start because they got no confirmation on blockchain in 48 hours.

That was a hyperlink

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