2 trades pending due to support tickets in the same day [resolved]

Yesterday 2 of my ongoing buying trades had support tickets raised by the sellers.

In one of them the arbitrator informed me that seller received my payment and he/she (the arbitrator) will close the trade out after following up with the seller on a technical problem on their side.

In the other, the arbitrator hasn’t sent me any message.
I have made SEPA transfer to both sellers and the trades’ status continues to be “Waiting until payment arrived”.

Is this some problem from the 0.7.1 version? I am surprised because i’ve never seen this before and now it’s 2 tickets in the same day… And frankly i’m quite worried because i’ve payed and still haven’t received the BTC…

Can anyone clarify what might be happening and what should i expect?
Thank you very much.

What was the arbitrators and trade IDs for those trades?

The arbitrator is swfmgmb2aoyqxkte.onion for both trades, and the trade ID’s are:



This is @cbeams’s trades. He will likely contact you soon.

Meanwhile the arbitrator already contacted me on the second trade as well. Apparently they were different issues that caused the support tickets:

  • In the first case, the arbitrator says it is a technical issue on the seller’s side.
  • In the second case the seller complained about some extra text that was added before the trade ID in the SEPA transfer reason field. This is very strange as i did not add that text as I show in my SEPA notice. I am suspecting that the text was added by either my bank or the seller’s bank. Any idea about how this can happen?

My surprise and worries are because of the big coincidence: I’m using Bisq for over a month now, done a total of 27 trades and this was the first time i had support tickets (both on the same day).
I won’t lie, it makes me very anxious while i wait for the trade to be completed…

Hello @cesarpim,
It’s normal to be anxious when our money is at play,
but you can can read the forum extensively,
with ~30 trades per day ( https://markets.bisq.network/ )
there are at the moment very few problems with bisq.
So the odds are in your favor.

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Thanks @Homard for the comforting words.

Regarding the second case I would like to ask if anyone understands what might have happened. The seller says that the text “CASH CashMgmtTransakt” was added before the trade ID in the reason field of the SEPA transfer.

These were my initial thoughts:
When I make a SEPA transfer there are 3 different fields that i will translate to English:

  • “motive”
  • “description for sender”
  • “description for receiver”

“Motive” is a mandatory dropdown menu where i must choose between:

  • money transfer (default)
  • rent (i believe this is for IRS/tax purposes)
  • payment to suppliers/vendors (again, i believe this is for IRS/tax purposes)

I always leave the first one selected and then in both descriptions fields i enter only the trade ID, with nothing extra. So my first thoughts were that maybe the bank somehow sort of translates “money transfer” to this “CASH CashMgmtTransakt” and appends it to my description?

But if this was so, there are a few things that don’t make sense to me:

  • In 27 trades that I made, only one would have this problem?
  • I have made transfers in the past and never noticed such a strange extra text.
  • The word “Transakt” with a “k” is not from my country’s language… could it be German, indicating that it was the seller’s bank that added it? (Seller’s bank is DE)

What do you advise me? How can I prevent this from happening in the future? (sorry for the long post)
Thank you!

1/ What was the language selected for Bisq at the moment you did the trade ?
(I will verify in the translation file if I find the string “CASH CashMgmtTransakt”).
The string “CASH CashMgmtTransakt” is not in the english language file.

2/ What is the country of your bank ?

Please, if you find the questions too indiscrete, just don’t answer.

About noticing this problem for the 1st time
… this may also be due to nobody complaining before (?)

Hi @Homard, thank you for trying to find out the problem:

  1. The language selected for my Bisq has always been English, at all times.

  2. My bank is “BBVA Portugal”, a Portuguese bank subsidiary of a Spanish banking group.

So I just had a look (with grep) for all the language you mentionned in the translation files
and the string “CASH CashMgmtTransakt” (or smaller pieces) is founded nowhere.
I’m not really surprised.
So I doubt that this string was added by Bisq.
(But more competent Bisq devs may confirm or invalidate that).

As for trying an advice :
if you are a regular Bisq user, maybe you could sometimes make a small (small amount, small fees etc) trade with a person in which you have full confidence, just in order to see what happens from both side ?
Caveat emptor : It’s however not so easy, and maybe it’s even not a such good advice (?)

Thanks again for your searches. The arbitrator is also suspecting that the seller’s bank added the extra text, as the word “transakt” seems German.

This seems to be the most likely explanation. But still it is strange that the seller’s account is 54 days old and he would only come across this problem now…

Thanks for the advice. I was thinking maybe to first try making a small SEPA transfer to a friend to see what text comes up in their description.

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Both of these dispute tickets have been sorted out and closed. Thanks, all.