2 trades timed out, lost the fee

Got timeout errors on two different trades as offer taker, both trades possibly listed by same seller. A message said it had timed out and I might have lost the taker fees. Is it possible to have it returned?

Tried opening a ticket for the failed trades which are now listed on the Failed Trades tab but doesn’t seem possible with the keyboard shortcut alt-o. How should I proceed?
I attach the screenshot of the failed trades.
it is similar to another 2x trades failed today…

You should probably contact @cbeams and inform him of your problem, he might be able to help.

I contacted him twice, with no reaction.
If this ‘glitch’ doesn’t get solved, i will stop to trade on this platform and tell other people about it, it’s that easy.

Hi @admin461, sorry for my delayed response. I’ll follow up with you in the PM you sent me now. Thanks.

Can you PM me the log file (Account/Bakcup/ button to open it)?