20 hours until trade period expires---seller has not confirmed payment

Do I wait until expiration and go through arbitration process? Or can I get the ball rolling sooner?

Have you been paid and the seller just forgot to confirm payment?

I paid as soon as he accepted the trade but he hasnt confirmed payment via Zelle.

you should wait then. chances are high that the trade is completed quicker if the other guy still completes it himself than going through arbitration.

You should only open dispute with cmd+o if there is a bug or certainty that the trade will go into dispute.

Opened dispute. Would be nice if there was a way to avoid shit traders like this.

you can put their onion address on the ignore list after the dispute is solved and the other guy won’t be able to see your listings in the future

It could be that it is his banks fault or that he just didn’t have the time. Usually Bisq traders are quite nice.

he didn’t have the time to send me the thing i paid him for?

In my opinion this is one of the largest downsides to bisq at the moment hurting the buyer, locking up their money. Quite often sellers will not confirm payment within the deadline and there will be no consequences for them. I know in theory their deposit should be taken away but 9/10 times it is not. Instant trades are a step forward for altcoins, but i think its a bigger problem that needs addressing.

Also, I know it is not so simple because bisq is relatively small and punishing new users for being late or maybe not understanding that they need to keep the program open would likely turn them off from returning, so i really dont know a good solution

this is p2p, traders need to be engaged otherwise face some consequences

i haven’t heard a peep from my arbitrator yet

If it’s been more than 24h since the dispute is open, it is likely a bug and you should try reopening the ticket with cmd+o.

If you still get no response, post your arbitrators onion address here so we can contact your arbitrator here.